My response to Pauline Hanson

Pauline Hanson, in the beginning Pauline used to bother me, a lot. It was her stupidity and her 2 cents she found necessary to put in all the time that made my blood boil. She’s described as an Australian Donald Trump, which is true, she has the same views as him. Just like Trump, only a small minority legitimately support her while the majority want to build a wall and have her on the other side.

You may have all seen the ‘A Current Affair’ interview with Pauline Hanson that has been circling social media. Just like Trump, I watch her videos for pure entertainment. 10 seconds in the 10 minute interview, I burst out laughing and instantly thought it would be a good idea to write my next post about her.

Let me tell you the only thing that truly bothered me in the entire 10 minutes. WHO THE EFF IS DOING HER MAKEUP? WHO ALLOWED HER TO HOLD A BRUSH AND  A PALETTE?

You all know me, I’m no expert at makeup, but for as long as I can remember, her signature look is a smudge of blue eyeshadow reaching her filled in eyebrows and a thin line of red lipstick. That ladies and and gentleman was the trend every twelvie went through when they were allowed to touch makeup. Everyone back then thought blue eyeshadow was the shit! Pauline you’re 62, not 12 anymore!

Sorry, that’s my 1 minute rant over, I didn’t come here to write about her horrible makeup. I am however, going to give you an Inside Look  in to my brain and what was going through my head when I was listening to her really ignorant comments.

  1. “I hear it from the other side, i hear australians living nice quiet lives, then they have had muslims come in there who have actually changed their suburbs, they’ve built these mosques, they have cars parked across their driveway, they have rubbish thrown over their fences, and they go and knock on the doors finally because they wont sell out and threaten them ‘listen mate you better take this suitcase of cash and get out of here'”Damn, even parking our cars across our driveway is not meeting Hanson’s needs! So barbaric! Who does that? Who even parks a car in a drive way? No real Australian that’s for sure. giphy (4).gif
    I watched that 20 second snippet over and over again, and I couldn’t tell who she was referring to about the whole giving a suitcase of cash. Either way, the way she’s describing this whole situation sounds more like she’s close with the mafia, and she’s confused Muslims with a mafia gang. That’s just a hunch! I mean think about it…these people apparently come in to a suburb, take over an ENTIRE suburb, then pay people to leave….it ain’t none of my business but it looks like she’s accusing the wrong people.
    giphy (5).gif
  2. “It’s having an impact on our educational system, our schools.” I recently graduated from an Islamic high school, I visited other schools, public, private, religious schools, and never did I find other students being affected by just the fact that Muslims exist. The educational system is created by the government, religion has never been imposed in the Australian curriculum, because hellooo it’s a law. The famous Section 116 of the Constitution of Australia, (the one law I memorised and got me through year 12 legal studies) clearly states in plain english, the Commonwealth of Australia cannot make laws establishing religion, imposing any religious observance, or prohibiting the free exercise of religion. So whether or not schools want to teach religious studies is up to the school and the parents that decide to enrol their child in that school. Pauline don’t come throwing around a non-factual statement that is backed up with no evidence and embarrass yourself on national television.

    giphy (6).gif

  3. “If these people want to come here, respect our laws; even in court rooms, they have no respect for the judges, they wont even stand up.”
    My only question  here is why is she spending so much time in a court room? I can only imagine what would be going through her head “Oh a Muslim in court, better hop on over and see what I can pick on”.
    giphy (9).gif
  4. “I think the burqa should absolutely go. This is Australia, I think the full face covering is wrong”
    Now whoever has something against the way Muslim woman dress, bothers me a lot. We talk a lot about feminism, and we have protests on a monthly basis around the world about “FREE THE NIPPLE” and “STOP SLUT SHAMING”, with the one message being that woman should be able to wear whatever they want without being looked at as a sexual object, or blamed for the cause of rape, or being called a slut. They’ve installed a freakin pedestrian walking lady on our traffic lights because “GENDER EQUALITY”. There’s all these activists, including Pauline that say “don’t judge a woman based on her appearance”, but then what happens? A WOMAN publicly shames another for what she’s wearing, purely because she thinks “it’s UN-AUSTRALIAN” So you mean to tell me that the only time that argument applies is when it suits your beliefs and your standards!? The double standards in this society is what’s “un-Australian” Pauline, the double standards YOU have publicly set.
    source (1).gif
    Also just reminding her about, Section 116 of the Constitution which I mentioned earlier. Just going to put it out there again, because it is SO relevant to my argument.
    source (2).gif
  5. “Muslims can actually lie to you, it’s called ‘taqiyya’, it’s so they blend into a society until the numbers grow, and then they will impose their will on people and take over the government, this is their tactic”. 
    So honestly, I didn’t know what ‘taqiyya’ was until Pauline mentioned it, so I was curious and thought I would actually do my research. To clarify, ‘taqiyya’ is true, but in no way is it intended so that Muslims can lie to you and take over the world, they’re not aliens! The only time ‘taqiyya’ is allowed, is when it is a life or death situation, i.e. your life is in danger and if you need to lie to save yourself then say whatever you need to say. But honestly, who wouldn’t do that!
    This is just another pure example of Pauline taking things out of context and speaking about things she doesn’t have knowledge about, but who didn’t know that.
    giphy (7).gif
  6. “Look I do believe that there are some that want to live a quiet and good life, but Tracy you tell me, you line up a number of Muslims, who’s the good one?”
    You could say that about any religion, race or ethnicity! You know what, let’s throw you in the same sentence, line up a number of Australians, who’s the good one? NOT YOU that’s for sure. I don’t see why she doesn’t apply her views to every religion/nationality then, because that sentence could literally apply to everything. YES, it is true not everyone is good, we have bad people in Islam, we have bad people in Christianity, we have bad people in Judaism, the list goes on. At the end of the day, we cannot categorise that one bad person to an entire religion, or an entire country. Just because Trump is a shit president and has no ethics, does not mean that everyone in the United States is shit too.
    Also this is how Pauline reads books…
    giphy (8).gif
  7. “Why aren’t the good Muslims speaking up? How often do we hear from them? Very, very rate”
    Pauline instead of me writing a response to that, I’m going to leave this video here, then I would like you to readjust that statement.



If you like these response pieces, let me know what else you’d like me to respond to next!

Until next time,

Keep Smiling 🙂



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