My Response to Jacquie Lambie

“Stop playing the victim”, she said.

This statement sent shudders through my body just listening to her say it.

“How could she have the nerve?!”, I thought to myself.

“Your ban got lifted, get over it”, the snake continues.

Why thank you Ms.Lambie, you’ve done us a favour, how can we ever repay you….

If you haven’t caught on to what I’m ranting about, its the Q&A episode that took place last Monday, which starred Yassmin Adbel-Magid and Jacquie Lambie on the panel. In the midst of talking about climate change, the topic sharia law came up as well as deportation of muslim immigrants.

I don’t usually watch Q&A, but when it went viral I decided to see what the anger was all about. To explain the anger that rushed through my body, you would be reading forever.

So here’s my response to the entire useless debate.

Jacquie Lambie along with Pauline Hanson, and many other ignorant politicians keep claiming that they don’t want Sharia Law imposed in Australia and think it would be a great idea to follow Donald Trump’s path, which is to ban Muslim Immigrants. Lambie explains her opinion by stating that this solution would make Australia a safer country.

Now, before I proceed my anger rant, let’s look at the stats.

  1. Muslims make up only 2.2% of the entire Australian population according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (give or take)
  2. In order for the entire law system to change in Australia (to sharia law for example), which if you have not realised is a pretty big task, the entire Australian population needs to predominantly be Muslim.
  3. This is going to counteract my previous point. Sharia Law is not an actual legal system, which is why many Australians have misinterpreted this. Sharia purely is Islamic principles which Muslims follow in their day to day life, it’s part of being Muslim. The over-riding principle is justice. Sharia is the teachings of the Quran, and the life of the Prophet Muhammad. Put it into perspective, Sharia is the same as how Christians follow the teachings and beliefs in which the Bible has taught them, it’s the same as how Jewish follow the principles and teachings of the Torah. You get the point…
  4. Culture and Religion are two different things. Muslims follow Sharia on a daily basis. For example, praying 5 times a day, fasting, giving charity, and treating all people with respect and equality.
  5. There are only a very small handful of countries that impose Sharia as part of their law system, all of which are conservative muslim countries.
  6. Many associate Sharia with hand chopping, beheading and violent punishments. They also associate Sharia with “opressing woman” and giving woman no rights. That may be true in Saudi Arabia for example. Yes, all woman are forced to wear a Niqab or headscarf, covering their entire body with loose clothing. Yes, woman may not be treated right but true Sharia does not impose anything on woman, and this is where the difference between culture and religion need to be seen. In Saudi Arabia that is simply culture and “patriarchy, as well as politics” of these particular countries, as Yassmin explains.
  7. Australia prides itself in being a multicultural country, which is why they introduced halal certification for food products and restaraunts, in order to cater to the demographic. In no way does that mean Muslims are taking over the damn country so settle down. I don’t hear anybody saying Jews are taking over the country, their Kosher certification was well introduced in Australia before Halal certification even though they only make up 0.5% of the population.

I am extremely proud to be born in a multicultural society where we can express our freedom of rights and opinions. However, it hurts when Australia advertises their multiculturalism but politicians and groups of anti-Islam activists are stomping on things like mosques being built, and Muslim woman wearing hijabs or things as small as a label on a product. We Australians, were built from immigrants! I love being in a country where you see a Church and a Mosque standing standing side by side. I love being able to drive down and see a Bhuddist Temple, and on the next street a Mosque. I love that in a Jewish, Christian, or Islamic school they are able to build their own religious building on campus for their students.

I don’t understand why we still have people like this, thinking it’s okay to be so ignorant and bigoted.


Muslim heads? Religious head? Thanks Christine “head”, it also makes me think that you didn’t pass second grade english class. I mean let’s weigh it out…a practicing Muslim and a Non-Muslim….yeah I’m going to go with the first option.



Michael, oh sweet naive Michael. If only you would clean your ears with cotton buds from all the wax that’s clogged up, it must have impaired your hearing. Wearing a headscarf is a choice! Do you think someone who is “oppressed” is going to appear on national TV and put herself in a heated debate??! Also we don’t obey the Imam. The Imam is not God, he is simply like a priest, usually an educated Islamic scholar who simply passes on information about religion. So you got that fact wrong mate. Thirdly, telling a Muslim to ‘live beyond Sharia’ is like telling any practicing religious person “you know just forget about God, and every religious values you’ve ever believed in, cause you know you live in Australia”. Ahhh Michael read up about the Australian Law before any other law, Section 116 of the Constitution of Australia of 1901 prohibits the Commonwealth government from establishing a church or interfering with the freedom of religion.

So Jacquie, don’t tell us to “stop playing the victim”, because how can we do that when you keep portraying Muslims as “oppressed”? How do we stop playing the victim when every political debate has surrounded the topic of banning MUSLIM immigrants? How do we stop playing the victim, when our loved ones aren’t allowed into a country while fleeing from another for refuge? Tell me how to stop playing the victim, when till this day there are ignorant citizens in this country associating Muslims with 9/11 and openly abusing Muslim women/men in the streets?

No Jacquie, you need to stop playing the victim, because you have not been affected by any of this!

There’s a line we need to draw between factual opinions and ignorant uneducated opinions. Please know the difference before you enter any discussion.

If you want to know more about how Q&A went down last week, click the link here.

If you want Yassmin to break down Sharia Law for you, click the link here.

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Until next time,

Chin up and Keep Smiling 🙂



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