That time I interned at a Cosmetics Company

Helllooooo familia!

I have definitely missed you guys, I’ve missed writing and I miss sharing my thoughts with you all! For some reason my brain decided to hit a major writer’s block over the last couple of months and nothing could will me to get back to writing.

That was until I found my inspiration again, and I feel like I am ready to tackle on another year!

Let me give you a little insight of what I have been up to he last couple of months.

I recently started an internship as a Public Relations Officer at Klara Cosmetics. It’s a fairly new make up company that has been rapidly growing over the last four years….not the point.

The point is I got myself into the cosmetics industry, which I thought would be great, I mean after all I’ll be in the marketing team, surely I don’t have to be a pro at make up….or so I thought!

Brief background about me, I’m not a passionate lover of make-up like most girls are. Don’t get me wrong, I will wear it occasionally, but I barely know how to even apply it. Girls be talking to me about contouring your neck, cheekbones, forehead, nose…and I’m here like…


A while back I got gifted a pack of make up brushes from my mum, which I loved, I automatically thought “yeah I’m about to become a make-up artist in no time!” It took me over 6 months to figure out what each brush was used for…

I barely know how to apply BB cream evenly and throw on a bit of lipstick and eyeliner. I know the very bare minimum, enough to make sure I don’t look like I just came out of the Walking Dead.

Point blank, I don’t like the effort it takes to do my make-up, as a matter of fact I don’t like anything that involves tedious patience. For example my hair is rarely ever down and straightened unless it has a reason to. If you have never seen me in person, I’m like Drake’s prettiest girl “sweat pants, hair tied, chillin with no make-up on” literally all day, everyday.

giphy (1).gif

I like the idea of make-up, and the way it’s laid out in stores, the shape, the colours, it looks pretty but I’m the kind of person that will walk into Sephora, admire the products and walk out.

You’re probably wondering where this story is going. I’m getting there!

In my first few weeks, I was told to write some blog content for their website. Topics included, ‘The Perfect Valentine’s Day Make-up’, ‘Blogger Make-up of the week’, ‘The nude make-up look’. My manager told me “Yeah so just whip something up about what products would be the best for a certain occasion, how they can get the nude look” bla bla. I was there just like…source.gif

Let me paint you a picture…

Girls were taking make-up advice for the Valentines Day Look, from a girl that doesn’t know how to hold a make-up brush and whose Valentine was her auntie (who is pretty awesome might I add).

I wrote the blog posts, and I think I did pretty well, but then again I am pretty bias.


Now I spend my time stalking our instagram bloggers, media influencers and collaborators, and choosing who to send our products, which again involves me personally selecting their make-up based on their “skin colour” and “colour tones they use”.

My manager be telling me “Yeah Hiba, just get the highlight palette, throw in a few No.18 and 22’s, a glow palette…” And I’m there like…

giphy (2).gif

I personally apologise to all those girls that I’ve sent make-up to, because I swear half the time I don’t know what I’m doing!

Look will I get better at doing my make-up by the end of this internship? Probably not.

Will I like make-up anymore than now? Nahhh.

Will I get better at my job? Hopefully!

Does Hiba think she should get into the Fashion/Make-up industry? For the people’s own good, probably no.

But hey, at the end of the day, I fake it till I make it, and so far I haven’t been kicked out, so it means I’m doing an okay job, right?

Thank you for all your patience, I hope you stick by me for another year of my stories and thoughts!

Keep Smiling,



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