Take a look at 2016

Once again I went AWOL, and that’s because I was in Malaysia on a study tour, which I extremely enjoyed!!! I’m back now, and I promise I won’t go off randomly again. I think that’s enough flying for one year. I was going to show you all the photos and my time in Malaysia, but I will be coming out with a very special end of year video which I am currently putting together, so I’ll save the photos for that!

In more important news, New Years is literally next week….anyone else freaking out?

Knock Knock.

Who’s there?

NOT 2016!

2016 just flew, and I know I say this about every year, but legit this year I feel like I blinked and bam it was gone. That’s time I’m never going to get back! Okay, but calm down, it’s all good everyone, you still have 1.5 weeks to achieve your cheesy new year resolutions…BRB I’m about to go get that 6 pack I said I would have by the end of the year…

You thought I meant 6 pack abs?! HA! No I meant the 6 pack of donuts that I’ve been trying to afford the last year…..

All jokes aside, a lot has happened this year and for the next couple of weeks we’re going to be throwing it back to highlights the world experienced in 2016, the highlights I experienced and then farewelling 2016 for another amazing year ahead!

So let’s take a look at HIGHLIGHTS OF 2016!giphy (14).gif

  1. In case you all forgot, let me get you excited again…LEONARDO DiCAPRIO WON AN OSCAR! It gets me every single time, you go boo boo! DO YOUR THANG LEO! It was such an epic moment in Hollywood, because we’ve been waiting since Titanic for Leo to get his well-deserved Oscar’s award, and many memes later Leo got to say “Look mamma I made it!”giphy (15).gif
  2. I bet very few of you know this, because I just discovernt_airplane_background_1200_630.jpged it like 2 minutes before writing this, a plan travelled around the entire globe with absolutely no fuel because and used nothing but the Sun to travel 27,000 miles! Hello innovation!
  3. One of the Oompa Loompa’s from Willy Wonka finally got out of that Chocolate Factory and had his big break! He became President of an entire nation….oh…right….that was Donald Duck…I mean Trump….yay?
    giphy (16).gif
  4. A zombie apocalypse finally happened! After binge watching zombie movies, and buying all those ‘zombie apocalypse starter packs’ off eBay, I finally put my knowledge to use this year after we were invaded by Pokemon Hunters all around the world! Yeah, I still think this was the idiotic app to be created, and whoever said “Hey let’s encourage people to run into poles and be anti-social, by chasing imaginary figures” was obviously high..there can be no other explanation. Anyone who participated in this trend, how many brain cells did you lose?
    giphy (17).gif
  5. Our big fury multi-racial animal friends that caused one of the most viral youtube videos, A.K.A. Giant Pandas, are no longer endangered!! There are not 2060 Giant Pandas worldwide, making them classified as vulnerable.
    giphy (18).gif
  6. This world is slowly starting to appear like ‘Back to the Future’, with virtual reality becoming a real thing. Kind of a strange thing, you can be in 2 places at once!

    giphy (19).gif

  7. I guess pouring all those buckets of iced water in 2014 weren’t an entire waste! It has actually helped the ALS research find the gene responsible for ALS, and they are closer to finding a treatment! Go world!
    giphy (20).gif
  8. Bet you didn’t know this, but it took Spacecraft Juno 5 years to reach Jupiter, and NASA has successfully landed it…SCIENCE
  9. Two teenage school boys went viral in a matter of hours after some 10 second snapchat compilation videos on twitter were shared and viewed over 45 million times…..DAAAMMNNNN DANIEELLL. Yup that’s right, Daniel and Josh went from being regular high school days one day and the next ended up on the Ellen Show. Note to self for 2017, become a viner == meeting Ellen+lifetime supply of vans
    giphy (21).gif
  10. Finally, one of the latest models to appear on Covergirl in the latest issue, is the first woman wearing a hijab, beauty blogger Nura Afia!! This makes me so happy, finally a scarfed Muslim woman appearing on one of the most iconic beauty/fashion magazines in the world!


So I guess it hasn’t been such a bad year after all, sure there were many tragedy’s and ofcourse they’re never forgotten, but like I always tell people and tell myself, sometimes these things are out of control, so we need to put our energy into making each year better than the last, and reflecting on the positives.

There is no point whatsoever reflecting on the negatives, because it’s history…

Let’s help each other get through 2016, comment below what your highlight of 2016 is, share this post around and let’s end 2016 on a good note.

Once again thank you for constantly supporting my work, and coming back after I leave you guys for so long.

Until next time,

Keep Smiling 🙂




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