Goals, goals, and more goals!

Relationship goals…


Fitness goals…

giphy (1).gif

Squad Goals…

giphy (5).gif

And Sustainbale Development Goals..huh??


Yes you read right, the Sustainable Development Goals. If you haven’t heard of them, that is okay! You will by the end of this article!

giphy (2).gif

The Sustainable Development Goals were adopted last year in September 2015 and are aimed to achieve by 2030, THE strategy to transform the world! Cool, right?!

The above photo you will see all the goals that each nation around the world has a responsibility to achieve by 2030.

And no, it is not all about climate change, the world ending bla bla! Climate change or Climate Action is just one of the goals as you can see; goal 13 to be specific.

The aim of these 17 goals is to:

  • strengthen universal peace
  • end extreme poverty once and for all
  • bringing all countries around the world together to work on achieving these goals
  • Human rights to be available in every country around the world as well as achieving gender equality
  • Protect the planet from degradation

I can go into so much detail about what each goal’s purpose is, and how all these goals put together will help eradicate poverty or help to lessen the major effects of climate change, but that is not what I am here for.

The #Ownyourgoals campaign is a recent campaign that the youth division of Sustainable Development Solutions Network, has come out with in order to reach out to young individuals like you and I to take ownership and responsibility of these goals, to help make a physical change and impact in the world and to make pledges to actually take action and help achieve these goals by 2030.

I want you to take ownership of these goals just like this dude with his basketball, owning it like a boss!

giphy (3).gif

Make a pledge to yourself, tell your social media friends about it! It can be anything that you think will help achieve these goals! Whether it’d be walking to work everyday, or riding your bike to work, or taking shorter showers, educating your siblings everyday about the SDGs, volunteering for good charity organisations who donate their money to projects being done in Africa, Burma, Papua New Guinea and the list of pledges can go on!

I pledge to spread peace in everything I do, to not argue about pointless debates, and leave each individual to their own values and beliefs in order to promote peaceful and inclusive societies (Goal 16)

Go ahead and post your pledge with the ‘#Ownyourgoals’, and nominate one friend to do the same. This is already happening all over social media, so get behind the campaign!

Screen Shot 2016-08-25 at 7.36.08 pm.png

Screen Shot 2016-08-25 at 7.37.41 pm.png


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Keep Smiling,




Read more about the SDGs here:



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