Faith in Humanity Lost…Again

So if you haven’t been living under a rock in the last 24 hours, you would have heard that France has once again placed a ban on something else.

First it was the banning of the burqas, not a completely fair point but understandable. It raises security issues, they’re afraid bla ba, we got over it.

But now, in the last 24 hours, the French Prime Minister came out to say that Burkinis are “burqininot compatible with with French value”, well I’m sorry I didn’t know that Human Rights was different in every country according to their so called “values”.

If you guys have never heard of or seen a burkini, it is a swimsuit which was designed by Australian designer Aheda Zanetti, particularly for covered Muslim women who want to enjoy the beach in the summer in a modest swim suit.

However, it is not limited or restricted to Muslims. Zanetti also created 3/4 swimsuits for the purpose of sun protection, just like how the Burkini’s purpose is. Let me repeat…SUN PROTECTION.


Zanetti told ABC news that a lot of her customers are not muslim, many non-muslims come to purchase a Burkini because of its relaxed material. Women who are self conscious about their body, women who have just come out of a pregnancy, or those who are conscious about exposing their skin to the sun.

And get this, the PM of France said some pretty bizarre things when trying to justify his decision to ban the Burkini.

“It’s the translation of a political project for a counter-society based on woman’s enslavement,”PM Manuel Valls

Woman’s enslavement…I had to read that a couple of times to make sure I wasn’t tripping. Dear PM Valls, you mean to tell me, these women who are self-purchasing these products online from an Australian store to be shipped to France are “enslaved”. Last time I checked slavery was not an option Prime Minister!

It honestly boggles my mind to hear what goes through these politicians’ heads.

For those living in Australia, and I’m sure it is the same everywhere else, Sun Smart advertisements pop up left right and centre during summer. All the talk about sun screen, wearing a hat and staying out of the sun during high UV times, is constantly drilled into our heads because we’re trying to reduce the risk of skin cancer. So when a smart fashion designer comes out with awesome looking sun-safe swim suits which are (let me re-emphasise) catered for ALL WOMEN, it is suddenly against a country’s values? Please Prime Minster Manuel, please tell me how this affects anyone in your country! I am dying to know.2014-sunsmart-plus-logos.jpg

Also can someone please tell me the difference between a wetsuit and a Burkini?? Carbone-wetsuit-4-van-8-e1441164326374

The only difference I see is that the Burkini is more spacious and more comfortable than a tight wetsuit, I know because I’ve tried both!

The sad thing is, when I saw the headline ‘Burkini ban’ I was not even surprised and that’s because it’s become something that I and we have become immune to…Islamaphobia exists, and I blame politics.

Burkini’s represent freedom for every women out there in the world, in no way does it portray slavery, because each one of these women are wearing it for their own reason and we shouldn’t come in between that


Let me know in the comments below what you think, if you’re for or against the Prime Minister’s decision. If you’re for this, let me know why, I’d like to hear your opinions.

Thank you for stopping by this week,

To everyone all around the world, stay safe!

Smile through the bad and the good


Sources: (Check out her site for swimsuit purchases)









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