A Summary of my Travels

I can’t even say hello to any of you because I feel so bad for leaving my blog for so long.

The last time I uploaded something was over a month ago, and that was Week 2 (Part 2) of my Lebanon travels.

So to get back on track, this blog post is going to be a summary of the last few weeks during my stay in Lebanon. There’s going to be tons of cool photos, and basically my experience this year travelling alone for the very first time.

I’m back guys, I am officially back! My creative juices are flowing!

_DSC3227.jpg The next few photos are all from one area in Lebanon, in the mountains of Lebanon, called Baissour. I visited a few Australian friends who happened to be in Lebanon the same time as me, which is great because without them I would have never got to see this beautiful village. This first photo looks out to the entire village and further from the rooftop of my friend’s house. _DSC3234.jpgThe photos only get better from here, during our one day stay in Baissour, we went sight seeing like regular tourists, and went to every lookout possible to see some really good views. This lookout was probably my most favourite one and the next few photos are from the same lookout. It was so rejuvenating just seeing so much greenery in one area, because I was so use to the city scenery of cars and building, so this was very refreshing!
_DSC3236 (1).jpg_DSC3240.JPGI think out of all the photos I’ve taken in this trip, this is my favourite one! The timing was so accurate, with the cloud making a shadow right between the two hills. I might be over analysing, point is I’ve over shared this photo so much, because it just gives me so much satisfaction. Yes I’m giving myself a clap for capturing this photo, don’t judge!

_DSC3244 (1).jpg
Baissour Lookout


Baissour Lookout

_DSC3275.jpgThe next two photos are from the village my mum’s family is from. I took these photos from my auntie’s house which is under construction, but found the architecture so cool especially the window spaces, it looked like a scene from romeo and juliet!

It just felt like I was exploring an old castle

The next few photos were taken at an amazing place called Deir El Nourieh. It is famously known for its beautiful Church and Shrine (which I unfortunately couldn’t get photos of!). This area is also a wetlands refuge and listed under the Ramsar Convention. The road to this spectacular view is also known as a gravity hill according to livelovelebanon.com. That means if you put your car in neutral on this hill it will move uphill…how insane is that. I never tried it myself, but I’ve heard it can be done!

GOPRO- Lookout from the church
Road to Deir el Nourieh
Lookout from the Church

This rock has been standing for as long as I can remember and its famous for people engraving their names on to it. I came back to this rock because I wanted to see if me and my brother’s engraved names were still there from 2012…sadly I couldn’t find it 😦


I’m not going to lie, I can’t remember where these were taken! But they’re some pretty cool colour popping photos, I think you can agree with me 😀

Aaanndddd that’s the end! I’ve taken you to Lebanon basically! A lot of you may be wondering why I decided to do a travel series, and well let’s be honest we all know there are many people out there that have a wrong perspective about Lebanon, a lot of people think that it’s ruined, it’s not clean, there’s always war, etc, etc. Yes, it may not be the Paris of the Middle East like how it used to be known for, but there are some spectacular treasures in this beautiful country that I wanted to show everyone, and wanted everyone to see how amazing this country really is.

It was an Inside Look into Lebanon I guess 😉

I loved every bit of this experience, and I wouldn’t change it for the world! I loved travelling on my own because I came back to Melbourne with so many learning experiences, and felt like it really changed my perspective on things.

Thank you to those who followed my journey, I really do hope you enjoyed it! Share it around with your friends and family, show them photos! I plan to upload all these photos in a gallery on my site so you can all access them at any time!

I am so keen to get back to blogging! So I will see you all next week, back to regular posts!

Keep Smiling everyone! 🙂

No longer From Lebanon with Love….until next travel series…


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