Lebanon Travels- Week 2 (Part 2)

This is extremely late…very late…I APOLOGISE!

I could list you a 1000 excuses as to why this is 2 weeks late but that wouldn’t do anything! So moving on!

The following photos are from Downtown Beirut, which is 100 times better than Melbourne CBD in my opinion. The architecture of each building is amazing, each with its own story behind it.

Let’s take a look at some of my favourite photos I took that week.

If only I could take photos of the inside, because inside was just as spectacular as the architecture of the outside. This photo does not do this mosque justice. This was the first time I walked to mosque to pray in the middle of doing some shopping, and it felt damn good! Just walking distance from Downtown Mall, I came across this beautiful Masjid which I was glad that I got to pray in.

Masjid AL-Amin

Right outside this lovely mosque is a statue, what they call Martyrs’ Square. To me it was just another statue, but when I found out the story behind it, it seemed like the right time to capture the photo. This statue is to commemorate the many martyrs that were executed all at once under the Ottaman Rule in 1931.

Martyrs’ Square

A lot of people have asked me here, “Why would you come here during ramadan when you have it so easy in Melbourne?”…man if I had a dollar for every time I got asked that!
The answer is, because the atmosphere here during Ramadan is so much better. No matter where you go, Christian or Muslim populated town, you will find the streets decorated, and ‘Ramadan Kareem’ decorations/signs plastered everywhere. It isn’t the greatest photo I admit, but the Lebanon Flag was calling my name 😉


That’s all for now folks!

Thank you again for stopping by, stay tuned for more belated travel posts!

As always, Keep Smiling!

From Lebanon with Love 😉

Leave your thoughts and/or opinions down below!

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