ALJ215 Assignment 2


Reporter PTC- According to Volunteer Australia in 2010, 36.2% of Australians aged 18 years and over, participated in formal volunteering

B-Roll/Voiceover- One of the many students currently participating in formal volunteering, is Melissa Peppin who works with SDSN Youth, tells us how volunteering has helped her

 Interviewee 1 (Melissa Peppin)- “I think as well my current role as project lead for communications at SDSN Youth, I think I wouldn’t have applied for it, if I didn’t have that sense of volunteering experience that gave me those skills, throughout my years growing up in high school and university. Because even if you get a job in your field, it is difficult to get those experiences, because you usually start off with an entry level job, whereas if you are doing  a volunteer role, you do kind of get the rust into things like on a project manager level, that you may not be able to do as a paid job. So it gives you a lot more, I think, different skills that makes you way more employable, in my experience.”

B-Roll/Voiceover- Sam Loni, a former  student volunteer, now with a full time job at the Monash Sustainability Institute, explains the impact volunteering has on job prospects.

Interviewee 2 (Sam Loni)- “There are several reasons for this, which I won’t get into but, the main one, the main one is that you’re able to improve to an employer that you care about an issue enough, and you were active enough and you took enough of an initiative, in order to do something you were not paid for. I think that always reflects well on your resume.”

B-Roll/Voiceover- Rob Vague, a senior career consultant at Deakin University, shares the with us the skills that employers are now looking for in a potential employee.

Interviewee 3 (Rob Vague)- “Things like being able to work in a team, being able to work individually, to manage your time, to solve problems, to use technology, to be organised. There’s a whole range of these sort of employability skills, some call them soft skills, but they’re skills that you can develop doing things such as volunteering.”

Reporter PTC- This is Hiba Hammoud, Deakin News


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