So my audience/readers is pretty multicultural. Ranging from different backgrounds to different religions, and I love that! I love having a mixed audience, because it makes me feel like I’m joining people together through the art of writing, and that’s why I love what I do.

Speaking of joining people together, building bridges and breaking the barrier between different communities, on Thursday the 5th of May, the Islamic Society of Deakin University put together a wonderful Meet-A-Muslim event, following the footsteps of Chef Hana Assafiri who has been holding a ‘Speed Date a Muslim’ event every fortnight at her Moroccan cafe on Lygon street in Melbourne. _DSC2919.JPG

The purpose of these events is pretty self-explanatory, and that is to clear any misconceptions about muslims. It’s a time where anyone from any background, can have a one on one session with different Muslim individuals in an hour to clear up any questions or concerns they have in a really friendly setting.

I attended Deakin’s Meet-a-Muslim event, attending as the Muslim (Duhh!); and it was such a fulfilling experience. I got to meet so many different people, and for once I didn’t feel like I was being judged about my religion. Those that attended were full of questions, but came with such an open mind, it felt really good for someone to be so interested in your religion and means it. 20160505_145738.jpg

It’s events like these that connects people together, informal casual events, with good food, a few tables and chairs and people that are willing to “build a bridge and get over the misconceptions”.

ISDU will hopefully be holding more of these events at Deakin, and anyone is welcome!

In the mean time, I highly recommend taking a visit to Moroccan Deli-cacy when they hold a Meet-a-Muslim Event, because it is truly such a rewarding experience.

_DSC2931.JPGIf you’re all about making a change in the world then this is the place to start. To end wars, to spread peace and love, you need to actually take action! This doesn’t just mean clear up things with a Muslim person, but other religions as well. The more we connect with each other, the stronger society becomes and the closer we move to breaking the unnecessary barriers!

I’ve attached a video below of a social experiment by ‘AreWeFamousNow’ in New York. The first half of the video is really sad to watch, because it shows how much work we need to do in society to bring people together. Religion is no excuse to not be friends with someone, or to treat someone any different to your siblings.

Spread Peace, Love and Unity and as usual Keep Smiling.

P.S. If you would like to stay up to date with these kind of events from the Islamic Society at Deakin, make sure to follow their Facebook page which is hyperlinked above!

Here are some testimonials from the event: 

“I found it very helpful, it cleared up a lot of questions and I gained more insight into Islam as a whole”–Anonymous

“I learnt more about Islam, it also gave me insight on how to be a better person”–Aselia

” I liked hearing people sharing their own stories. If we don’t personally know anyone who are actually living these stories, we can never gain a good understanding”–Joy


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