A Day in My Life

I’m going to keep this really short, so you have more time to watch the video! But if you cannot be bothered reading this, then be my guest and press play below to start watching!

So after writing a whole blog post about myself, I figured I’d actually put a short “film” together about me, because why not! I wanted to invite all of you into my small world and well…introduce my cat to you.

Real talk though, I’d like to point out two things. The aim of this video was not to show you how much I do in one day, nor was it to show that “my life is busier than yours”. I’m sure a lot of you couldn’t care less with what I do in my life, but I enjoyed filming this with a good friend of mine! Secondly, not everything in my day was included in this video, because well, I’d like you to watch the whole thing!

For those of you who haven’t read my “This is ME” post, long story short…I work two positions at the same workplace, I volunteer with an organisation called SDSN Youth, I am studying a Bachelor of Journalism (second year), and I do a lot of other stuff in between. Well that’s all you need to know 😛

Proceed to watch the video!!


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