Citizen Journalism Peaking!

Citizen journalism has been happening since phone camera quality upgraded, since individuals of all ages started adapting to new technology and basically since the expectation in society became”pictures or it didn’t happen”.

ABC news director Gavin Morris has been looking into giving viewers the reigns of the news production and to contribute to the research of a good story. After all, some of “the most compelling footage of recent major news events, such as the shooting of a police employee in Paramatta, had been shot by ordinary people on their mobile phones”.

So to be honest, the potential for citizen journalism in today’s multi-platform communication environment is very high.

Part of the reason I believe this is because there are high profile media organisations that are encouraging it to happen. For example, Facebook recently came out with the “Go Live’ option. As the CEO of Facebook explains, it is like “having a TV camera in your pocket”. Or, ABC News has the ABC portal , which allows regular citizens to share stories about their community.

If more media organisations encouraged citizen journalism, the rate of news production could triple! It will no longer be by the hour, but by the minute.

As individuals of the technological 21st century, we have developed an interest to share our every move with the world. If we positively reinforced this behaviour, in order for social media enthusiasts to use this skill for news production and sharing real news footage, it could revolutionise the media industry.

Tim Pool, Digital Journalist, explains the role of citizen journalism and its importance.



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