MOJO is taking over the WORLD!?

7.19 billion phones were recorded as ‘active’ in 2014. That is more than the whole world’s population!

Kevin Kimbelin, Chairman of Spencer Trask&Co told The Independent that the mobile phone is “the fastest growing manmade phenomenon ever”.

Journalism has been affected the most by developing technology, as they constantly need to keep up with the latest consumer trends.

MOJO (A.K.A. Mobile Journalism), has become a necessity for all journalists in the 21st century to learn if they want to stay in the industry.

However MOJO is also starting to play a role in journalism ethics.

As mobile journalism involves receiving videos, tip offs and information from ordinary citizens, to post immediately to the digital platform; the requirement to be ethical has become a challenge. onMedia puts the question to their readers “How can we get at the truth when flooded by unverified information?”

Mobile Journalists now face the battle of either posting fast facts/stories that people WANT to read (clickbait) or posting a story that has gone through several revisions before being uploaded. With pressure from society to be updated on a minutely basis, it’s no wonder that sometimes mobile journalism can affect our stories in a negative manner.

The idea that now mobile journalism can be done by anyone in the world, has made “news coverage a partnership” says Richard Sambrook of the BBC .

But if mobile journalism is really taking over, does that mean newsrooms will start shrinking? Tom Rosenstiel, TedTalks speaker explains the effects that mobile journalism is having on the ‘traditional’ journalism industry.


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