This is ME!

On May the 6th it will be a year since I started my blog. That’s almost a month away!

It’s crazy how time flies! Since then I’ve done 36 blog posts and have had over 1000 visitors to my blog.

I look at my traffic on a weekly basis and it shows me what countries are looking at my blog. I get people from China, Russia, Italy, France, Belgium, Japan and so on; looking at my blog. It got me thinking that there is a lot of people that don’t know who I am, but they still choose to read my blog, and that warms my heart!

All the feels right now!

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So I figured, instead of being really serious today, we’ll take it easy, and you guys can get and inside look (pun intended) into my world!

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Let’s begin!

My name is Hiba Hammoud (Shocker!), I am a second year Journalism student in lovely Melbourne, Australia. I grew up in an Islamic School my whole life. Literally from Kindergarten till year 12! But I loved it, one big family over there 🙂

Fun fact, I have always been the youngest in every year level I’ve been in. That’s because I started kindergarten when I was 3. So if you haven’t worked it out yet, yes, I am still 18 years old in my second year of university.

What wooahh! Howw?

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Yup…that’s usually how most people react. I’m turning 19 soon I swear…in like four months…

Moving On!

I’ve been working since I was 15. Started at a retail job, and stayed there for almost 3 years before I became a pool lifeguard at a YMCA centre, which can be fun but boring at the same time! Great place though!

I’m a really loud person, all my close family and friends know this. Once I start talking I overpower anyone and everyone’s voice, so don’t try to out-voice me, cause I’ll only get louder.

I laugh….a lot….no I mean a lot…

I can make anyone look like a comedian, which could be a bad and a good thing depending what situation it is.

There were two things that were always written in my report in primary school:

  1. “Hiba laughs too much sometimes and disrupts the class”
  2. “Hiba talks a lot and disrupts the class sometimes”

Well that’s me in a nutshell!

giphy (18).gif

I was a gymnast for 5 years, and I must admit it was an awesome five years! Too bad I can’t do any of those gymnast tricks anymore.

giphy (19).gif

I also played the piano for 5 years (I think…). I can still play though, I’m just really lazy!

That’s another thing about me, I can be such a hard-worker yet so lazy at the same time. Like if you told me to go all the way to the city for an assignment or job I will, but as soon as you tell me to pack my clothes which are already folded in my wardrobe, I’ll pull a “Oh shit my back, it hurts” excuse.

giphy (20).gif

However, despite me being lazy, I’m a big fan of fitness! For as long as I can remember I’ve always been doing some sport. It was gymnastics first, then swimming, then netball and the older I got I started going solo. So I’ll go to the gym on my own, do home workouts from youtube videos or drag my friends for a good outdoor walk. As much as I love the couch, I can’t do it for long, otherwise I’ll feel sluggish really quickly. So anything that involves being active, I’m usually the first one to say yes. Put it in a nutshell, I’m always the friend that’s like “let’s go out and do something active like rockclimbing, or go for fitness class together!” and everyone else is like “yeah look Hiba….”

giphy (21).gif

I sometimes come out to people that I’m really confident, and I try to be confident in everything I do, but I get nervous really quickly. You can usually tell when I’m nervous because I start nervously laughing, or babbling too much. Unfortunately my nerves get the best of me a lot of times. Especially during exam time! The amount of times I’ve completely flopped out during an exam is ridiculous! Or when I’ve been asked to give a speech/talk to a whole bunch of people, I’m shaking in the inside! For example, I love public speaking but so many times during a speech I’ll start to speak really fast, go red like a tomato, stutter and my hands would start trembling; and for some reason no one notices. So for those that think I don’t get nervous, you’re wrong!

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My dream job is to work for The New York Times or The Huffington Post, if I choose to take the writing path. But I’ve really been considering radio or TV broadcasting. So I got a year to figure that out!

I’m really trying to think what else I can say about myself, but I’ve run out of things to say. So if you have any questions for me, feel free to leave it in the comment section below!

But for now, this is me! Thank you so much for stopping by every week, and bothering to read my  blogs!

Also, if you are ever interested to do a piece, about anything, and you would like to share it with others, I would love to put it up on my blog! Shoot me a message if you’re interested!

Keep Smiling and have an awesome week! 🙂

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