Pay to hear what YOU want

As many of you may know, when you’re working as a professional journalist in a  multi- billion dollar organisation, you do not really have the freedom to write what you want. You get told everyday what story to cover, and write it by the organisation’s guidelines.

This can be discouraging for journalists, as they’re not being able to cover the hard core truth of stories, like they had imagined before they started their job.

Journalism has now become a competition of who can cover the ‘exclusive’ story, the fastest. Instead of spending time on polishing up a good story, it is now a rush to the mobile phones, or computers, uploading updates and short articles on social media, digital platforms and then print being the last platform to release.

Beacon is a new platform for readers to fund specific writers or stories to be published, therefore providing journalists with the freedom of publishing their angle of a story, while giving readers the readers the ‘real truth’. It’s a win-win for both parties.

Crowdfunding platforms are now trying to bring back real journalism, which covers real stories, wanted by the readers.

It’s time that “journalism” stops being overlapped with “business” and starts focusing on providing journalists with more writing freedom and producing quality content for readers.

As journalist Alex Madrigal from says “no matter who paid for what, those who read the product depend on an individual reporter and his or her conscience to report the truth.”


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