The world is changing…fast!

It’s the 21st century, and the world is changing on a minutely basis. Well, obviously, or else the world wouldn’t be spinning. What I mean to say is, the operations of regular jobs are changing, from jobs as simple as retail, to the jobs in the media industry.
Specifically in the media industry, they are dealing with a change called ‘convergence’.
“Convergent journalism…enables time shifting with product, makiimages (1).jpegng it available online whenever it is required”–Ivo Burum.
Simply put, news has become available on all platforms due to advanced technology. With almost every citizen owning a smartphone, they are able to check the news whenever and wherever they want, with one click. You no longer have to wait to get home from work to turn on the television, or buy the newspaper in the morning before they run out.
Print media such as Fairfax media, is in the process of becoming completely digital media and getting rid of newspapers.
Although some “print journalists are reluctant to cross the divide”, they need to start learning to create mojo stories. This means journalists almost creating the story on their own. They film, interview and photograph all with their smart phones.


Journalists perceive this change as lowering the quality of the content they produce, however, mojo stories will provide new skills as well as employability.

Change is inevitable, we cannot keep holding onto the past; as cliche as that sounds!

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