Harmony…something hard to come by

Yes, I am aware that the World Interfaith Harmony Week has passed however, the Australian Harmony week is coming up (15-21 March).

I met an awesome person a few days ago  at an awesome interfaith dinner (“I’ll Dine With You”) and he said something that was so funny yet so true! He said: “If everybody’s grandmas fed them everyday, there would be no war! Because everyone would be too busy being in a food coma that they would have no energy to fight.”

Well now we know the solution to end war in this world….

But on a real note, it makes me happy and sad at the same time, to be able to connect with people of different race and religion, be able to talk, laugh and share stories for hours, but we can’t get the whole world to do the same.


There is a large percentage of us in the world that can talk to the next person with no issue, despite their beliefs or views. However, there is that minority that is making it really hard to live in a harmonious environment.

I live in the Dandenong area, which is known to be one of the most multicultural suburbs of Melbourne. Yet, in my customer service days, I have come across plenty of people who still seem to have a problem with those who come from a different background, who have a different culture and who cannot speak english so well. It leaves me thinking that sometimes animals are better than humans in life, and that’s because animals have the ability to adapt.


Yes that may sound insulting to some of you, but it is the truth. We need to wake up and see that animals can get along way better than humans do. My cat has a dog friend. Cats and dogs are known not to get along, but yet they learnt to adapt to each other.

*I do not take credit for this photo*

My point is, if we don’t learn to be “one” in our own community, how do we expect the rest of the world to?

A lot of you have the same dream as me, and that is to one day see the world being at peace. That’s because I’m getting sick and tired of every third conversation somehow being about politics, religion, who’s right, who’s wrong, and seeing each individual developing a hatred to one particular race/religion/view/ideology and so on.

I’m tired of the baby boomers and generation X holding on to certain issues of their past and passing it down to their offspring/next generation, but then telling them “spread peace and love not war”.

At one point, I hope we all learn to forgive, forget and move on.

One Day,

Keep Smiling Everyone!






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