A Letter From Me to You

“I’m too skinny,

I’m too fat,

I’m not pretty enough,

I’m not tall enough”,

Too many of these thoughts run through your mind everyday,

Believe me, I understand.

These social standards get to your head to the point where you don’t know what is right anymore,

It’s always “what’s in, what’s out?”


Let me tell you one thing,

Nothing you do is ‘enough’ in the eyes of other people,

You’re always going to be criticised,

Whether it’d be on your looks,

Or your soaring success.

You want the truth?

You’re NEVER going to be good enough,

That is… at least for others,

To Me and to Yourself,

You’re a shining star that can do great things!

Your looks aren’t your only asset believe me,

So do yourself a favour,

Forget about the social standards,

Don’t dress to impress,

But dress to stand tall and proud,

Proud of who you are and what you’ve become,

Be confident in your own skin,

Cause’ nobody does you better than you.


Social Standards are Disgusting (Click here to watch the video of a girl trying to fit into society)

The “Perfect Body” (Unfortunately this is real life…each person is perfect in their own way, you’re never going to please everyone)

Perfect example of being proud of who you are (Embrace yourself, be proud of yourself. A beautiful poem by Natalie Patterson)

Keep Smiling 🙂


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