6 Occupations that aren’t appreciated enough

Before I begin, I’m sorry for being gone longer than I should have.

For some reason I’ve been too scared to go back to my site, I just kept pushing aside the times where I have to write. I knew what I wanted to write, but just couldn’t bring myself to do it. So now I am back, refreshed and ready to go. I have a couple of posts lined up, so hopefully no more skipping weekly posts!

I must admit the last few weeks have been crazy, crazier than the parking on boxing day or ‘black Friday’ for the Americans. However, in the light of positivity and appreciation the last few weeks have helped me write this post.

It has come to my realisation that there are so many people out there that go unnoticed, unappreciated, and I figured it’s time that they are given the credit they deserve.

  1. Lifeguards
    For those who don’t know me, I have been a pool lifeguard for almost a year, and man have I learnt how hard their job can be. Unfortunately lifeguards are not given much attention by patrons, aren’t appreciated and kind of go unnoticed. Considering they basically babysit your kids (if you’re a parent), and are watching out for all of us in the water while they suffer in the heat, they’re not given the credit they deserve. This is no call to come and “apppreciate” me now, but something sparked this post and I had to write about it. As I was doing my job, I had a lgmother bring her twin kids to come and thank me….for nothing, I hadn’t saved their life, I was just watching them. It was then that I realised that it was actually the first time I had
    ever been thanked by a patron, and it felt goddamn good. Just because lifeguards are trained to save lives, doesn’t mean it’s easy. It comes with a lot of pressure and trauma. Don’t forget the people that look after you.
  2. Teachers
    I think our teachers, the ones that got us to our dream course, the ones that gave us the skills to survive the “outside school” world, are tteacherhe ones that get forgotten the most. We’re so excited and eager to finish school, go to university and get a career job, that we forget to turn back and say “thank you”. Think about it, their sole job is to teach generation after generation, while each generation goes on to pursue their own thing, they’re still doing the same thing everyday, and that is providing kids with an education, while putting up with every unique, annoying student.
  3. Cleaners
    These amazing people are completley overlooked! The shopping centre cleaners, the gym cleaners, the house cleaners. I blame society’s standards. We all have this weird belief that cleaners are below us and they have to clean up our scleanershit for us. If anything we’re the ones being fooled, because let’s admit if we had the chance to have someone to do our cleaning for us we’d pay anything…so they’re winning! On the real though, these people shouldn’t be looked down upon.
    Next time you see a cleaner cleaning up your mess in the food court, it wouldn’t kill you to show some appreciation.
  4. Nurses
    Okay I’m not going to lie on this one, I’ve dissed nurses before. When a nurse gives you shit service while you’re checked into a hospital, you can’t henurselp but be a bit frustrated. However, it was only recently that I realised what terrible hours nurses work. SO, I guess you can’t blame them when they’re in a crappy mood. Heck if I haven’t had sleep or eaten I go a bit insane, let alone take care of several sick people with all kinds of conditions all day or all night. Not the best lifestyle!
  5. Waiters/Waitresses
    These are the people we love and hate at the same time! Thwaiterey can either give perfect customer service, or pretty shitty customer service. Either way, like the rest of the people above, they’re serving us, they’re giving us a hand. In no way should they be treated like your servants, and nor does it give you the right to be rude to them. After all, they have control over your food 😉
  6. Paramedics
    Last but not the least for sure, are another group of people that save lives. The people that are also not getting paid enough for it, the people that attend to your needs at 3 in the morning. Paramedicsparamedic. These guys go through way more in their day than some of us who work in an office. Although a lot of us complain about ambulances not arriving fast enough, believe me they’re doing their best. Don’t think for a minute that they’re lying around having a coffee, if anything they were just dealing with a more severe case before they got to you. Be considerate!

The moral of this post isn’t to make you feel sorry for these people or make you feel guilty. My main message to you guys is don’t be ignorant towards certain people. Just because someone may not be considered to have an ‘upper class’ job (whatever that is), does not mean that they don’t deserve to feel appreciated. A simple “Thank You” can go a long way…

As Ellen Degeneres would say “Be kind to one another”

And as I always say, Keep Smiling.


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