Youtuber Lily Singh (A.K.A. Superwoman) released a video yesterday called The #GirlLove Challenge. With 6 million of her subscribers being female, Superwoman wants to break the girl-on-girl hate, that we have in society.

Unfortunately in society, girl on girl hate has increased. What is girl-on-girl hate some of you may ask? It is when girls put their fellow girls down, (whether they are their classmates or workmates) because of their appearance or abilities/performance. Especially since we live in an era where social media is used by most girls from the age of eleven or younger, these young girls become more prone/vulnerable to bullying.

1300 girls aged 7 to 21 participated in a  ‘Girls Attitude Survey’. 51% of girls who were aged 14 to 16 were unhappy with their appearance.

For some reason there are young girls and young women out there that feel a sense of joy when they put one another down, as if it is always a competition. There has always been a theory that claims woman have a nurturing nature and are very caring. However, a study has proved this theory wrong when it comes to the workplace that is. According to Daily Mail “two women are less likely to co-operate than two men when one is more powerful than the other.”

It seems when one female is at a higher rank than the other, jealousy arises between the two.

“Others say that while men make their feelings clear, women are more likely to let jealousies and resentments fester.”–DailyMail, 2014

We always say women are going to run the world, that girl power can knock down a whole army, but it seems the complete opposite is happening.

The message I’m trying to spread across to my fellow girls, is that there is no reason to be jealous of another woman because she has had a successful moment, or because she supposedly has the “ideal body”. As women/girls, we need to stand together, and support one another in our peak moments and low moments.

Instead of spending the time judging another girl’s action, and gossiping about her, how about you talk to her and get to know who she really is, and what her intentions really are. Or if you’re in a workplace, and you resent a woman who has a higher rank, stop and think how hard she may have worked for that position, appreciate her work, support her and then work just as hard.

If you’re a guy reading this post at the moment and you have little sisters, cousins, nieces or a group of girl friends, share this with them.

If you’re a mum, a teenage girl yourself, a teacher or an auntie and you have ever been guilty of these actions, I hope this gives you a new outlook on life. Or have caught your close relatives going through ‘girl-on-girl hate’, then educate them, share this with them, and show them the video below!!

The revenue derived from the YouTube views of “The #GirlLove Challenge” video (down below)  will be donated to the Malala Fund, which helps girls around the world access education.

This is the last time I post in 2015, so make this your new year’s resolution to support your girl mates and stand together!

Since we’re on this topic, if you need a reminder of #GirlLove when you’re on the road, blast ‘Run the World’ by Beyonce (link down below) in your car!

Keep Smiling,

Happy New Year! 🙂


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