5 Languages You’ve Never Heard Of

So most of you know at least two languages, English and your nationality language. If you don’t know a language other than English…well I suggest you go learn one for your benefit.

Luckily this post applies to all of you anyway. After brainstorming with friends and bouncing ideas off each other, the topic ‘Languages’ came to mind. I realised just like a lot of other things in this world, there are some languages that are “hidden” because only a minority speak it.

SO I thought it would be a good idea to look at some of the most interesting and weirdest languages that exist out there which most of us have never heard of before!

  1. Siblo Gomero: Kicking of the list with an awesome one! Siblo Gomero, also known as the whistling language. It was believed this language came into use in the 15th century when the first Europeans settled in the Island La Gomera. They communicated through whistles! This language consists of two wistled vowels and four consonants, and has the ability to travel up to 3.2 Km, which is much more efficient than shouting! This language was used a lot back then because living amongst large landscapes of deep valleys and houses far apart from each other, with no phones or roads, it was very hard to pass on messages by walking. Only 22000 people still speak this language. If you would like to hear what it sounds like and its translation check it out here.
  2. !XOO: What? Kisses, hugs, hugs? Mmm close, but no. It’s actually the awesome language that I’ve always found so fascinating. The clicking language! It is spoken in Botswana and Namibia. It’s not a forgotten language, approximately 7.9 million people still speak this language till today. There are approximately 164 consonants and 111 of them are clicking sounds! The name of the language is pronounced with a click. I used to have a South African in school, and one day she showed us how it was spoken, must admit it is so cool, it’s just like if I had a British accent, I wouldn’t stop talking if I knew this language! If you’d like to hear how it is spoken, click here!
  3. Taushiro: Although this language is practically dead, I felt like I needed to include it, considering there is only one man in the world that can still speak this language. Once he dies, the language dies with him. How CRAZYY! It is spoken in Peru, by Amadeo Garcia who was a native tribesman of the Peruvian Amazon.
  4. Yupik: Known as a polysenthetic language, some of the words in this language have a ridiculously specific meaning to them. Take the word ‘tuntussuqatarniksaitengqiggtuq’; it’s translated as “He had not yet said again that he was going to hunt reindeer”. I don’t think these people have any problem with miscommunication!
  5. Anal: Stop being immature, hold your laughter! It is a real language! I’m definitely not making it up! It is spoken in India and Myanammar by about 14000 people. However it cannot be confused by the ‘Anus’ language…that’s only spoken in Jayapura in Indonesia.

Well they’re the five most interesting unknown languages I’ve found through my search, there’s plenty more trust me! However, I found these to be the most fascinating.

Moral of the story, there’s a lot hidden out there, you just need to search for it!

I hope you enjoyed this week’s light hearted topic. Thank you for stopping by!

If you have any suggestions for next week’s topic do comment below! The reason why I haven’t been putting polls lately is because I’ve been going through a writer’s block at the moment. So please help me get back on track!

Keep Smiling,




8 Languages You’ve Never Heard Of (And Who Actually Speaks Them)


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