How Will Climate Change Affect YOU

Welcome back everyone to the first addition of the new name and layout of this site. In the last week I got you all to vote on the topic you wanted me to discuss this week, and in light of that, the people have spoken! The topic that got the most votes was ‘How will Climate Change Affect YOU?!’ Which I am glad, because this is such an important topic, and when broken down into simple terms, you’ll be able to see why it is so important to you. So without further-a-do, let us begin!

So people confuse global warming with climate change. They’re not the same thing, however, global warming is one aspect of climate change.4203327856_747b9d7ed8_b

Climate change refers to changes in a regions overall weather patterns (DUH!). BUT, like most of our problems in this world, climate change is caused by us (i.e. human activities). So things like the increase in greenhouse gases in our atmosphere such as carbon dioxide and increased concentration of methane is what has made the rate of climate change more rapid.

Now that we briefly know what climate change is, let’s see why it is so important for you guys.

  1. We all care about ending extreme poverty, right? Well climate change is going to have a severe impact in regions that are already having trouble with their economy, food and safety needs. Countries like, Papua New Guinea, Cambodia and Sub-Saharan Africa are at great danger.
    Scientists predict that it could leave millions of people at greater risk of hunger and malnutrition (Scienceworks). Although we live in a stable country, we are at risk as well. Moderate temperature rises are expected to reduce crop yields, and diseases briksdal-858340_640affecting animal herds may become more widespread (Scienceworks).
  2. Climate change can bring on and increase extreme natural disasters, such as heatwaves, floods and droughts. These three natural disasters bring with them high death tolls as they are amongst the deadliest natural disasters.
  3. According to the Australian Department of Environment, climate change is likely to have serious impacts on water resources. As most of you know, most of Victoria lies within the Murray Darling Basin region which is also where we get our water. By 2030 it is estimated that there will be a 13% reduction in average surface water availability in the south of the MDB.
  4. As droughts increase, farers will struggle to grow crops which can result in them loosing their sheep, cows, etc. Following that issue, our food will also become much more expensive.
  5. According to ‘The Guardian’, Australia could become more susceptible to vector-borne diseases (which are infections transmitted by the bite of infected arthropod species, such as mosquitoes), as well as respiratory diseases as people spend more time indoors avoiding extreme heat.

These are only some of the few obvious impacts that climate change will have on our environment! This is why it is important to have a sustainable environment in order to live in a healthy and safe atmosphere. There are so many things we can do to lessen the impact of climate change; they don’t need to be big changes, but small little positive changes in your lifestyle can make a difference. However, what you can do is for another discussion.

I want you to let this information sink in, and look into what your state or country is doing to move to a more sustainable living.

Also relevant to this topic, are the new Sustainable Development Goals (down below) that were released a couple of weeks ago, for the next 15 years!

Share this post with everyone, tell your friends about climate change, give someone some new information today! Make a change!

Before you leave, vote below to decide what topic you would like me to discuss next week!

Have an amazing week and Keep SMILING! 🙂



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