Top 10 inventions that we can’t live without

Miss me everyone? I know it has been too long! No need to fear, I’m back with some more enlightening information for you that will hopefully blow your mind!!!

Now living in the 21st century the year 2015, we can’t keep up with the amount of innovations that are being thrown around left, right and centre. Technology has taken over our world, and the truth is we’re slowly forgetting the basics. That is, what started it all! The iPhone 6 is not the only thing that is allowing us to get through our daily lives. We need to go way way wayyy back in time and just for the next five minutes appreciate the small things that were created, which allow us to survive todnailay.

  1. Nail
    This is an object that we definitely do not pay much attention to unless we’re a builder, but it is definitely one of the most important! It was invent around about 2200 years ago in Ancient Rome (of course) and since then has shaped many of the raw materials we use today such as wood and metal. Without nails, our beautiful cities would actually crumble…literally!
  2. Wheelwheels
    Again, another object/material we don’t notice a lot even though we use them everyday! Whether you ride a bike to work, the train, the bus, the car, motorcycle, whatever it may be, without the wheel they wouldn’t exist! It was invented approximately 3500BC and is till this day known as one of the most popular invention. Think about it, travelling anywhere in the world would be pretty hard without them.
  3. Toothbrush
    You are going to appreciate modern day toothbrushes Miswak2after you read this. So back in 3000BC they used a twig with a chew stick at the end, which is fine. However, before the commercialised toothbrushes we have now, when synthetic nylon bristle brushes were being experimented with, the synthetic material contained past animal hairs which would contain loads of bacteria! Eww!
  4. Glasses
    Reading glasses has definitely allowed us to be more efficient glassesin our daily lives. For all those who wear RayBans, Prada, Ralph Lauren, imagine walking around the streets, while holding a magnifying glass while holding your bag, while talking to your friend, while eating…all at the same time! Mind blowing I know!
  5. Concrete
    Do you ever just appreciate the ground you walk on? Do you notice the new pavement? Do you notice the floors in the exquisite buildings? Didn’t think so! Concrete is probably the invention we least pay attention to, although it has literally concretecreated our walking grounds, our pathways, and it’s our foundation. Practically everywhere is based with concrete! It’s changed the nature of building, as concrete has now made building easier and much more efficient.
  6. The Clock
    Time is everywhere, and no I’m not trying to be wise, I literally mean time is everywhere. Almost wherever you go there is a clock hung up somewhere, as well as time now being displayed in our cars, on our television, on our microwave, on our ovens and the list goes on! I Sun_clock_in_Valkathink we take time for granted, because we always just expect it to be there. However, go way back and the only way they could tell the time is from a stick placed in the ground and the sun’s shadow moving over it. Which if you think about it would be extremely inaccurate when it would be cloudy. Before the mechanical clock came into place, candles, water clocks and hourglasses were all the different methods used to tell the time. Just imagine how you would plan out your day without the clock!
  7. Apple II Personal Computer
    Without this beautiful invention, I would not be able to type up my blogs and you would not be able to read them. Apple II is what created what we now have ‘personal home computer use’. It Apple_II_tranparent_800has transformed from the big old boxed computers, to an item that we can now fit in our pockets and bags. Can we all give a round of applause to Stephen Wozniak! You the real MVP dude!
  8. Soap
    Soap is love, soap is life! It’s the same concept as toilets, again hygeine! We would still be using rocks, ash or tree bark to wash ourselves, our dishes and clothes! Think about that the next time you go to wash your hands with soap!
  9. Flushing toilets
    Fun fact, apparently doing your business was not acceptable to do in the house until this magnificent flushing toilet was created! Life without toilets was absolutely unbearable as it consisted of extremely poor hygiene standards, resulting in smelly streets and diseases spreading. Although the evolution of the flushing toilet was not created by one person, but like many other inventions it involved many individuals who expanded on each other’s ideas. Thomas crapper created the siphon system which emptied the tank (1800s) and Thomas Twyford built the first one-piece ceramic toilet…so toilets can therefore be socially acceptable in households.
  10. The refrigerator
    Life without a refrigerator means, no egg, no milk, no meat and most importantly NO ICE CREAM! Before the refrigerator couldn’t keep food around for a week or two, it had to constantly be bought or made everyday. People resorted to growing their own food and crops if they wanted regular supply. Thanks to the refrigerator, there is now something called ‘midnight snacks’!


Moral of the story everyone, appreciate the little things you have in life guys, because it is the simple things that get us through our day…literally!

“Sometimes you don’t appreciate what you have, because you’re too focused on what you want” 



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