Top 10 Craziest Conspiracy Theories

Helloooo Humans! I come in peace!

Welcome to another addition of ‘Whispers of the World’, where we discuss current issues, debates, advice, motivation and all that good stuff! If you’re new to this blog, WELCOME! Join my very small but amazing audience! This will be my 17th post since I started, how exciting!!!

Look at that…I’m doing another Top 10!

Don’t you guys just love conspiracy theories! They’re like those urban myth stories or scary stories you tell at 2 am on a summer night. They’re so interesting but they always have you looking over your shoulder for two weeks, and they just make you think “is my life a lie?” or “is there a secret micro chip in my neck?”
Some of the conspiracy theories I’ve heard are completely messed up and scare the crap out of me. Like I said though, they’re like scary movies/stories, they give you the adrenaline rush that you can never get enough of.

So this week, I decided it would be interesting to do a bit of research about some of the most craziest conspiracy theories (in my opinion)!

Disclaimer: All these conspiracies have been busted…I just decided not to share it with you because there’s no harm in mind games! reptile

  1. Shape-shifting reptilians control the world!!!
    Most of our world leaders including some of the US Presidents are shape-shifting reptiles who came to this world a very very vey long time ago with a goal to gain power and manipulate society……on the bright side at least it’s not a bunch of apes right?? RIGHT??!!!
  2. The King of Rock…has not left the building?
    So the King of Rock, as much as he has said “Elvis Presley has left the building” in thaelvist weird deep voice he has, apparently he still exists….just like Tupac apparently. Rumour has it, that he faked his death to stay away from the public eye. Die hard fans who visited his grave, said his middle name ‘Aron’ is actually spelled ‘Aaron”, and on the grave it says ‘Aron’…..Look maybe it’s just a poor case of bad spelling, but you know…we can never be too sure
  3. STOP DRINKING WATER….We’re being controlled by it?
    Put that glass of water down! Yeah you, stop drinking that lovely spring water and read on!
    You guys have all heard of fluoride; only few countries actually add fluoride to our water, these include: the US, Canada, UK and Australia. Fluoride iswater added to prevent tooth decay…or so they say *insert suspenseful music* The actual reality is that the government is adding fluoride to our water as part of their mind-control scheme; in fact in WW2 the Nazis used fluoridated water to sterilise humans and force people into the concentration camps by “calming them”. It gets scarier some crazy chemist by the name of Charles E.Perkins actually claimed that those who drink fluorinated water for more than a year will never be the same person Beware the next time you buy that wonderful Natures’ Spring Water….You’ve been warned!
  4. To be or not to be….real….that is the question
    Quick everyone go tomato their high school teachers for putting them through Shakespeare! Guess what, he’s not real!! Just like how Lady William_Shakespeare_portrait_sectionGaga isn’t her real name, apparently Shakespeare was just a “stage” name, when really there were about 5 writers and they all just called themselves Shakespeare. What I find more interesting is the fact that stage names were actually considered back then…take that Snoop Dog..Lion..whatever animal you may be.
  5. Flight 800
    In 1996, Flight 800 exploded and crashed into the Atlantic Oceans after taking off from JFK International Airport. It was reported that it was due to a short circTwa_800_in-flight_breakupuit or something went wrong in the fuel tank. But of course, there’s always a back story! There’s no fooling us humans 😉 Many believe that it was due to a US Navy Missile test gone wrong, and the “short circuit” story was a cover up.
  6. Denver Airport is a distractiondenver3
    Okay so this one I was slightly creeped out about. Here is the backstory dumbed down:
    – built in 1995…but there was already a well functioning airport
    – it had less runways
    – no upgrades
    – and a lot of unnecessary large space
    Apparently it was built to cover up the massive military bunker reserved for important people when an attack happens. To make matters creepier, there are weird as, uncomfortable paintings hung up which protray mass genocide. Wait! It gets worse!!!! 3.1 billion dollars was spent, but nobody knows wdenver 2ho actually paid for it, except that there is a plaque that says it was funded by the ‘New World Airport Commission’…..Oh wait, it doesn’t exist…WTF? Conspiracists believe that it is a subliminal message that the ‘New World Order’ will take place…oh you know, no big deal, just the fact that people out there are planning a mass genocide!!! It’s a conspiracy inside a conspiracy inside a conspiracy…CONECPTION…wait…that’s awkward
  7. The ‘Siri’ Apocalypse
    Okay I am not the only one who thinks Siri is messed up, and no it’s not just becaIphone_4S_showing_Siriuse I’m an android user…I just have bad vibes about the girl! Who is she to tell me that I got no friends! I have friends okay! Anyway moving on, reports came in last year from iphone users saying when they asked for ‘July 27 2014’, Siri said it was the day ‘Opening of the Gates of Hades’, basically Siri knew when the Apocalypse was about to go down. #Samsungforlife #ProductPlacement #Samsungsponsorme
  8. The Moon imoons a HOLOGRAM!??! This is going to make you question your whole life….the moon is a hologram that is put there to mess with our heads *drops the mic*
  9. There are underwater spy fish
    Just when we thought that shit couldn’t get weirder…it just did! There are rumours that there are shark spies sent on bsharkehalf of other countries to attack people in a targeted country. This theory came about when shark attacks increased in Egypt in 2010 and governments sent divers down to then find they had GPS devices attached to them. I mean hey, if our world leaders are reptiles…anything is possible #justsaying
  10. Egyptian Gods were awoken by scientists
    The European Organisation for Nuclear Research, also known as CERN, have a large hadron collider built in the secret underground laboratory of Area 51 (of-course), in which they are trying to build a star gate to revive OSIRIS…who’s just an Egyptian God…did I mention he’s dead? Look we know there are crazy scientists out there, and we know Area 51 is just messed up…I rest my case!DSC_0560

But in all seriousness, there is absolutley no harm in a little speculation, it’s good to question our surroundings sometimes. However, unless you have hard core evidence, do not go telling me that Egyptian Gods are coming back to visit, or that I should stop drinking my water!

Anyway, hope you all enjoyed reading today’s blog! If you know of any crazy conspiracies I would love to hear them! Please leave them in the comment section below, or in the comment section on my Facebook post 🙂
Also, as usual I would love to get your suggestions coming in as to what you want me to write about next week; don’t be shy!

Have a great week, Keep Smiling and see you next week!



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