Top 10 Ways to Manage Your Time

For those of you who don’t know me….HEYA! My name is Hiba Hammoud and I LOVE to carry a billion things on my shoulders. Why you ask? I DON’T KNOW….HELP! I have a problem!!!

Those of you who do know me, always know that my schedule is constantly flat out. I plan catch ups with friends two weeks prior to the date…yup that’s how bad it is. The only thing I’m missing is three different phones ringing in my bag. I always get the same question though…”Hiba where do you get the time to do all this?”

Now wait…stop…shhhhhhhh! Before you start putting me on blast, I’m not saying I am the guru of time management, I’m not saying I always have everything under control. However, I think I’ve been in enough sticky situations for the next 10 points I’m about to write, to have validation/credibility.

It’s safe to say that majority of my target audience out there deals with a lot. Whether it is school/uni related, work related…whatever it may be. I know majority of you go through the phase where you feel like you can’t balance everything…heck I go through that everyday!! There is not one time I can remember where my week only consisted of just one consistent activity. My weeks have always been filled with a gizzilion activities, because I just can’t sit still.

So let’s get into it!

  1. checklist-41335_640Prioritise- So you have an assignment to hand in, you have work a day before, you have an exam to prepare for the following week and you have a birthday party coming up this weekend. Do you panic? Hell No! You sit there and start planning it in your head. Taking 1 minute to plan saves a lot more time ironically. That is one minute of EFFECTIVE planning! In this situation a lot of people would be like “yup I’m going to call in sick to work and tell my friend that I have my fish to walk on her birthday”. Just because you have a lot to do, doesn’t mean you can’t do it all. Start doing your assignment the
    week before, do bit by bit each day. Go to work, come back look over your assignment
    and hand it in. Start
    revising for your exam, then Saturday night go to your party and relax. Sunday spend it revising again and so on so forth. That is what prioritising and planning means. Which leads me to my next point.
  2. Timetable- I love timetabling my week! I love having everything set out in front of me. It just makes things clearer for the eyes and mind, and somehow things get easier. I cannot s
    Your schedule could be in your diary

    tress how important it is to write things down. No writing it ‘in your mind’ does not count! You’re either going to forget, or won’t pay enough attention to it. I have a glass board (from Ikea) that I have hung up on my wall. I bought some colourful markers and I have split my board into different sections. One section is for my work schedule, the other section is for my gym schedule and in the middle is my weekly schedule (Monday-
    Sunday). I plan out my week each Sunday night, and as the days go by, I rub off each thing I’ve done. I find it much better than putting it in my phone, because the board is always in my face every morning, afternoon and evening.

  3. Calm yourself- Stop it! Stop panicking! I can see you, don’t think I can’t see you. I can see your crazy eyes, and waving your hands around and watching vines thinking it’ll get your mind off things….it won’t.
    Listen, the only thing that can screw your plans up is if you panic. You have no reason to panic! You can handle it, you’ve done your timetable, now all you gotta do is follow it. As soon as you cross one thing off your list, trust me everything after that flows. Don’t stress, just put your mind to it, and just start killing all your tasks.

    A bed is probably more comfortable than a rock
    A bed is probably more comfortable than a rock
  4. Have one thing in your week that is consistent- Make sure you have time to yourself, that will give you a break for a couple of hours. For me, recently I’ve decided to have a few days in the gym every week to make myself feel good because I get all that bad energy out of me. Most of my work I do is all sitting down on my laptop. So having those few hours in the week at the gym really helps me recharge my battery and feel good when I get back to my tasks. For you it could mean other things, for example reading a book, watching an episode from your favourite series, listening to music, going for a walk, talking to a friend.
  5. Time slips away really easily- Be aware of the time you have. A lot of the times, I forget about the time, I forget what day it is and the next thing I know I’m falling behind on my tight schedule. Sure, you may have a chance to catch up but don’t fall into that trap all the time. Don’t tell yourself “Oh it’s okay, I’ll just do it tomorrow”, because it’ll pile up and that is when you really panic. So always be aware of your time, your watch is your best-friend during these times!stress
  6. Don’t over-load yourself- Don’t be a me, if you know that you probably can’t fit a plan into your schedule because you have too much on your plate, then it is okay to cancel. No you’re not giving up, you’re just being human. Yes, there’s always that motivation and planning and what not; but your bodyhas a threshold and it can only handle so much. I do this to myself a lot! I take on a lot of things and I mean A LOT! Yes, I may complete it and achieve it, but then I just end up being sleep deprived for weeks. Which leads me to my next point
  7. Your health comes first- Always put your health first. That means getting at least 8 hours of sleep, eating a good healthy breakfast and make sure you get enough physical activity in your week. When we get caught up with things, we end up sleeping really late, missing breakfast and possibly other meals and completely forgetting exercise is a necessity in our everyday life. If you need to be up at 9 am, don’t go to sleep at 2 am. Also, make sure you set out between half an hour to an hour for meal time. Breakfast, lunch and dinner. Whether you choose to snack in between is your choice, but never miss those meals and always keep hydrated! This is literally the only way you will function!
  8. Stay Positive- Keep those positive quotes running through your head. If you feel like you’re going to collapse soon, just know that all the hard work you’re doing is going to pay o
    ff in the end. Keep in mind you’re doing this for a reason! On my board, I always put a favourite motivational/positive quote for me to constantly remind myself why I’m doing all of this. But don’t spend hours on google images reading different quotes, that’s stupid! Get one quote, or a few quotes, and stick them up on your wall (not your Facebook wall) or put it as your home screen on your phone/laptop. Whatever it may be! Make sure it’s always in your face!
  9. Set Goals- This is another major factor of having good time management. You’re not going to finish those tasks at its required time, if you don’t have a reason to finish them. H18888482603_bc41b5877eave a goal or motivation for each task. For example, I’m working tomorrow to earn some money and save up for the summer. Or, I’m doing this assignment now so I can finish it early and go out on the weekend. They don’t have to be life long goals and dreams, they just need to be something to keep you moving forward, to get you to the next step!
  10. The Grind Don’t Stop- Some of you may know where I got this quote from, and a lot of you won’t. Main point is, this is what keeps me going! You were put on this earth to accomplish great things, to challenge yourself and to learn! When you start to think that the times are getting tough and you feel like you can’t get up, shake it off! You can’t accomplish your goals and dreams without a few drops of blood sweat and tears! Keep that grind going, because you’re almost there!

Managing your time is not black magic…it’s not magic at all actually! It is just mentality. Everything is in the mind and it’s your choice if you want to change that mentality of yours. No one controls your capabilities but you!




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