Top 10 Ways to Deal with Nervousness


So last week I told you I was going to start doing a Top 10 series, and I also asked you guys what topics you’d like me to do a ‘Top10’ on. This is proof that I LOVE receiving feedback from you guys and I do listen to your suggestions. So it was suggested to me, that I should do ‘Top 10 Reasons People Feel Anxious/Nervous’. It was a topic that I never thought about, but I said why not!? Instead I thought it would be more useful to talk about the ways to overcome it however. Being anxious or nervous is very normal and something we go through everyday! Without further a do, these are the top 10 ways to deal with nervousness.

  1. Now you have this exam you need to ace, because as usual  your life depends on it….or you have that interview that you need to kill because again…your life depends on it! It could be the smallest of situations and we make it out to be a life or death situation. Unfortunately that’s how our brain works sometimes, it just screws us up! However, there is a way to outsmart the brain. When we get nervous, our adrenal glands start producing adrenaline hormones, which leads to butterflies in our stomach, heart racing and the occasional sweats….fun right? WRONG! What you can do though, instead of interpreting it all into negative energy, turn it around and make it positive! So, start saying things like “Wooo I’m excited, I’m pumped!”, and get yourself pumped, instead of “calming” yourself down. It works, believe me!
  2. Accept that something can go wrong! In every situation, you need to know the pros and cons. Whether it’s an exam, or a job interview, keep in mind that it may not work out. However, don’t say it like “OMG it’s not gonna work, I’m gonna fail”, no instead say “Yeah it may or may not work out, but whatever happens, it’s meant to be and it is NOT the end of the world. There are plenty of other chances and opportunities, maybe there’s something better for you. Point is, accept that things may not always go as planned and it’s nothing to fuss over.
  3. Stop thinking about what others think about you! A lot of the time we get nervous because we’re always worried if we screw up and that we’ll disappoint others. Understand from now, that whatever you do, it is for you and YOU only. You’re not doing it for anyone else. So trust me when I say this, no one cares about what you do, your success and failures is your journey, not anyone else’s!
  4. Take your time when you’re facing your situation. For example you have an important exam, don’t rush in there and pick up your pen to write down all the answers, thinking you’re going to empty everything out, because you’re not. Instead take time to settle down, get comfortable, read your questions, and start off one by one. Don’t look at the questions all at once and have crazy eyes! Eventually your nerves will calm down when you just take a few minutes to plan and think about your answers. This is in specific to all the year 12s out there who are going to be dealing with that soon.
  5. Don’t overthink it! Before and after the event, do not think about it too much. Before your nerve-racking event, have a fun conversation with your friends, or jam out to your favourite music! Just get your mind off things! Trust me the more you think about it, the more worked up you get about it. After the event, forget about it. Seriously! From personal experience, every-time I just forget about the situation, things end up working out much better than expected.

    Shake it Off! Literally! source:
    Shake it Off! Literally!
  6. Make yourself look good! I’m pretty sure I mentioned this in my last post but I swear, looking good just makes things so much better. Put on your favourite outfit, fix your hair and you’ll feel 100x better. (Don’t ask why, I don’t know, it just works!)
  7. Do what you do best! Whatever that may be! Do what you feel is right! Just believe your instincts and you’ll calm those nerves down
  8. Stay away from caffeine! We think coffee is the best thing to drink when we’re nervous, to give us “energy”, but it really doesn’t! It just gets you more jittery….jitteriness and nervousness do not mix well together! I’ve learnt from personal experience. Instead, constantly drink water; keep yourself hydrated so you don’t go through the dizziness phase…plus it’s obviously the much healthier option.
  9. Take everything as a learning experience. I think one of the best lessons I’ve learnt, is to just think about everything as ‘gaining skills’ and ‘gaining knowledge’. I feel like even if it doesn’t go as planned, I’ve gained so much from the event anyway. The mistakes I make when I’m nervous, I learn from them and improve on it the next time I’m nervous; every time I learn how to deal with those last minute nervous jitters and every time I improve on myself
  10. BE THE BAWSS THAT YOU ARE! This is not a tip, but you’re awesome, you’re going to get through it and you WILL be fine!

That’s it for today! Once again, please tell me what you would like to read next on my blog, whether it’s for my ‘Top 10’ series or just any general topics. I would really super duper appreciate your suggestions and comments!

Keep Smiling Everyone! xo


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