Top 10 Tips to Become a More Confident Person

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I have decided to do a a ‘Top 10’ series for the next few weeks! So, your only job is, if you have any random ideas or topics you want me to do a ‘Top 10’ on then go ahead and tweet me or leave a comment!
I have already posted a ‘Top 10’ before (Top 10 WORST advice/quotes we’ve heard about motivation) so feel free to check that out! Hope you enjoy today’s blog!

So sometimes, we restrict ourselves from doing certain things because our confidence issues get in the way, which is perfectly normal. Living in society today, we find it hard at times to do what makes us feel comfortable because we’re always scared of judgement. Sadly society is full of judgement, and we can’t let that hold us back! Let’s look at some tips to get us out of this mess.

  1. Don’t doubt yourself- I think what a lot of us do is constantly doubt ourselves before we do what we want or what we think is right. We always have negative thoughts going through our mind like: “Oh I don’t think it’s good enough”, or “No-one is going to like it”, or if you’re referring to appearance then “I won’t fit in”, “I stand out too much” and the list goes on and ooonnnn! The point is, we don’t need clarification from someone else to do what makes you feel comfortable. If you want to dress in a super funky outfit then do it, don’t worry about the latest trends! If you want to post up some cool artwork, do something new like start a website (like me 😉 ) or a Youtube channel then do it, because chances are you’re always going to get people either staring you down or supporting you. If you don’t let yourself try new things you’re not discovering anything!
  2. Be Optimistic- What holds us back a lot of the time is our constant negativity like i mentioned before. We always need to keep those positive thoughts going, so we have hope in ourselves. Always remind yourself that you have nothing to lose. You’re not going to build that confidence unless you put yourself out there
  3. Embrace your weaknesses- Know your weaknesses and embrace them! Who said weaknesses was a bad thing? Everyone has them, some people are better at certain things than others and you need to accept that. For example if you suck at public speaking it doesn’t mean you don’t do it. It means the complete opposite actually! Get up on that stage and show everyone that you’re nervous, let people know that you are, and I gurantee you that will make you 10x more confident for the rest of your speech. When you tell people what your weaknesses are, no one can shake you anymore, because you’ve made yourself public.
  4. Put your shoulders back- This may sound stupid, but posture is really important when it comes to boosting your confidence as well as looking confident. If you’re walking with your shoulders slouched, and feet dragging on the floor, then look…you’re gonna feel like shit. That’s me telling it to you straight up! Especially when you’re applying for a job, no employer likes to see a potential candidate slouched. So put your shoulders back, walk with pride and stop thinking about all your flaws. Trust me you look better when you’re standing tall.
  5. Know your talents and flaunt them- If you have a talent, let everyone know about it! Every talent is unique to each individual, so chances are whoever you show they’ll find it pretty cool! Your talent is something you enjoy, so the more you show it off the more your self-esteem boosts!
  6. DO NOT compare yourself to someone else- That is the number one method to put yourself down…congratulations! Seriously, I absolutely hate it when someone compares themselves to another person. If you all have a different fingerprint, you surely have a different personality. Just because someone is better at something than you are, or has a better body than you do it doesn’t mean that you don’t look good, or you’re not good at what you do. Everyone has their flaws, know that you’re good at something that someone else is not. Comparing yourself is only going to make the situation worse. The last thing you want to do is be looking at Jessica Alba’s body on Google images while eating a tub of Ben&Jerry’s.
  7. Get up when you fall down- I think one of the most important things about remaining confident, is always getting back up. For example, you did something really cool, you worked super hard on it but then it just gets criticised or doesn’t go how you planned. It hurts i know, but it happens! That’s what life is about, and if you can’t handle a small knock-down now, then you’ll constantly give up on things in life. You need to show everyone that the little hurdle didn’t affect you and that you’re back to try again! It will gain you so much respect from people.
  8. Sleep!!- Believe it or not, sleep really helps in improving your confidence. Getting a solid 7-9 hours of sleep, can make you feel better during the day as you have more positive energy, and you’re able to think clearer. It sounds like a small thing, but good sleep means a positive energy, which means having a higher self esteem
  9. Have a morning ritual- In order to make you feel good for the rest of the day, have a morning ritual that works for you and stick to it. If looking at the mirror and giving yourself confidence advice in your head makes you feel energised keep doing it, or if having an awesome breakfast gets those creative juices going then do it! Whatever it may be, do it every morning, trust me it changes your mood for that day.
  10. Ask for help- Lastly, don’t be afraid to ask for help! I know this is a major problem with me, I hate asking for help and that’s because I’m always scared that my questions may be stupid. However, I learnt the hard way, if you’re having trouble with anything, education wise or social wise, just ask for help/advice. It’ll save you a lot of trouble in the future, because you’ll learn from them. Don’t think that because you ask for help you’re not confident anymore.

I hope you enjoyed today’s edition of the ‘Top 10’ series! I really do hope that it benefits you, and if you like this, hit that like button and if you’re feeling generous then share it! Because you know I need that confidence boost as well 😉

Once again, if you have any suggestions for my next Top 10, don’t be afraid to comment!

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