I thought things would have changed…

Actor, director, producer and now YouTube star Karim Metwaly, also known by his Youtube name, AreWeFamousNow, which now has almost 500 000 subscribers! Many of you may recognise him from the “New York On..” series, as well as his several social experiments such as, ‘Lonely Homeless Man’, ‘Blind Muslim Trust Experiment’, ‘Would you date a Muslim’ and many more!

However, today I’d like to talk about one of his recent videos on his channel, a social experiment done in New York: ‘Muslim Woman Beaten In Public Experiment’. This video caught my attention as well as 800,000 other people around the world!

If you haven’t watched the video, it is basically about Karim and his co-star Briggette, playing two roles. The first role, his co-star dressed without a scarf and Karim pretending to physically abuse her. The second role is the same scene but his co-star now in a long black dress with a black scarf, giving the impression that she is a Muslim. The main aim of this Experiment was to see the reactions Karim got from by passers in both situations. The results were shocking.

I suggest you click that link below before you continue reading if you haven’t watched the full video, so you understand the next part of this post. Go on…don’t be shy!


Till this day, I find it hard to believe there is still racial profiling in the 21st century. You’d expect (roughly) after the 1960s white supremacy era, there still wouldn’t be hatred towards black/coloured people from some…but yet here we stand in 2015, a black president (of the US), and still constant cases of public verbal abuse towards the coloured, including police brutality. Here we are hash tagging ‘BlackLivesMatter’…I thought things would have changed…

But hey look! It doesn’t stop there, you’d expect after having a rise of public Muslim figures all over the world from all different kinds of disciplines; such as: Waleed Aly (Journalist and TV Presenter), TheHijabStylist (A.K.A Zulfiye Tufa) who are a few from Australia. Then you have young Muslim social media figures who are raising awareness for so many issues, such as FouseyTube (also known as Yousef Erekat) and Karim Metwaly himself, this list can go on and on!
Point is, I would’ve expected in the year 2015, after we’ve had people like these, go on national television and show the world what Islam really is about, it would lead to the negative ideology that some non-Muslims still have about Muslims to fade away.

youtube2What this video has sadly proved, is that there are still people out there who are afraid of Muslims, who take the word of the media, after people gave them a million reasons not to. Why is it that you would stop a man from hitting a ‘white girl’ but you wouldn’t stop a man hitting a scarfed girl? Honestly, it’s not even about race anymore, it is humanity! It is common sense! If you see a man hitting a girl in public, no matter what colour or race, your conscience should tell you to step in and help.

This video left me speechless…

To all those continuing to make a change in society, keep doing so, I promise things will change! Give it time and don’t give up.

Share this around, and raise awareness, it is about time we’re all equal towards one another!

Keep Smiling


Also here are a few youtube clicks you should check out and share:




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