Time Stands Still?

Have you ever heard of time standing still? I mean, we’ve always wished it; “Can time just stand still for a second so I can get all my stuff sorted!?”

Well…. in 2015 on June 30th at 23:59:59, time stood still, which delayed midnight by a second! CRAZY RIGHT?! I mean I know I’m a tad late, it’s almost the end of July, but I find it hard to comprehend that a ‘leap-second’ was ‘added to the world’s clocks to adjust for the inaccuracy of the spinning Earth’ (The Project, June 30th).

A Leap Second
A Leap Second

Let’s look at the amazing science behind this concept.

The first leap second was added back in 1972 June 30th and December 31st, when they realised that the atomic clocks and astronomical clocks were out of balance by 10 seconds!

A leap second is added every time the Universal time (UT1) and the Coordinated Universal time (UTC) has a ‘difference of 0.9 seconds’ (timeandate.com). This happens because, the earth’s rotation around its own axis is slowing down, whereas the atomic clock ticks away at the same speed for over millions of years, meaning the atomic clock and astronomical clocks are inconsistent at times.

Up to date, 26 leap seconds have been added, meaning the Earth has slowed down an additional 26 seconds compared to atomic time!


source: theberry.com
source: theberry.com

SO enough with the science side; I guess what really interested me about this topic, is a lot of us do not see how precious time is. I’ve spoke about this before, but this issue re-emphasises my earlier posts. Leap seconds are being added gradually in order to keep the universe balanced, and we walk around taking time for granted.

No, I’m not trying to make anyone feel guilty here; but all I’m trying to say is, if ‘just a second’ is crucial to keep our universe in balance, shouldn’t ‘just a second’ be important for us to get work done, or be a better person, instead of wasting those precious seconds in life? Because, we never get those back…

Time keeps ticking, and it’s up to us to keep up.

‘My favourite things in life don’t cost any money. It’s really clear that the most precious resource we all have is time.’ — Steve Jobs

Sources: *some of the information was collected from the following websites, I do not take full credit for some of the information in this post*




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