Benefits of Laughing

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So, for those of you who know me very well, they know that I laugh a lot…and I mean a lot. Say ‘boo’ and I’ll probably crack up laughing. People say they love my company because I make them feel like a comedian. This is no exaggeration, I have a problem, I laugh at anything and everything!

But I see it as a good thing! Laughing makes me feel good, it is the best therapy and I can scientifically prove it! Read ahead.

Laughter does a good job at stress relief. Whether it’d be stress from school/work or suffering a loss of a family member, laughter can cure your temporary problems. It has, short term effects as well as long term effects.

Some of the short-term effects include:

  1. Stimulating the organs, by stimulating the heart, lungs and muscles and therefore increases the endorphins released; meaning you’re more excited and happy.
  2. Laughter also increases your heart rate and blood pressure, which gives you a nice, relaxed feeling.
  3. Laughter relaxes the whole body. Meaning all your muscles are relaxed for up to 45 minutes!
  4. Laughter is a form of recharge. Sometimes when we feel tired or weary, we think we need food to recharge. However, we don’t! All we need is a good laugh, which wakes your body up, re-energises you, therefore allowing you to stay focused on your tasks.

    That’s how I look when I laugh

As you can see, these short term effects already play a major role in just making your day better; but imagine how it can make your life better!

The long list of Long-term effects:

  1. According to a study at the John Hopkins University Medicine School, it was found that humour used in class, led to a increase in test scores as humour improved memory and learning.
  2. Laughter helps fight against respiratory infections such as colds! Instead of an apple a day, think about laughing everyday! Believe me, it’ll keep the doctor away!
  3. It enhances your creativity, because laughter allows you to see the situation from another perspective, therefore turning a ‘problem’ into an opportunity! It helps you think outside of the box.
  4. It also can assist as a mild anti-depressant. So forget tablets, throw on White Chicks into the DVD, or watch the whole trilogy of Rush Hour, and watch that serotonin buzz!
  5. This one surprised me! It’s scientifically proven that laughter can help keep diabetes under control. Studies have shown that watching a funny movie after a meal lowers blood sugar levels because it affects the neuroencdocrine system. Okay that may sound like gibberish…but it basically means that your sugar levels don’t sky rocket because your hormones are bubbling from laughter….ahhhh science!
  6. Other than it does cool stuff to your body and mind, it also helps you make great relationships and assists in good teamwork!

As you can see laughter does way more to our self-esteem, mind and body than we even realise! They say those who laugh a lot are the ones who hurt the most in the inside. This is partially true; laughing is a good way to distract yourself from any problems you’re facing, and a lot of people have used this therapy to temporarily forget the issues bothering them.

to conclude, don’t be shy about your laugh! Flaunt it; show the world your annoying laugh!

When I say ‘Keep Smiling’, I mean it! It’s just a bad day; it’ll pass like everything else.

look how cute snoopy is! That's how you look when you laugh
look how cute snoopy is! That’s how you look when you laugh

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