Cherish Your Moments

We’ve all come across bad days, sometimes even bad months and we can’t really help them. Those days seem to feel like years because it’s a time where we’re most vulnerable and the most sensitive.

I’ve gone through a few of those tough times myself recently and they’re probably the worse times, because nothing seems to be going right when you’re not yourself. But if it’s one thing I learnt during the ugly times, it’s to be thankful for everything you have even if something or someone precious has been taken away from you. If you believe in God or if you don’t believe in God, you need to understand that everything happens for a reason and we can’t question it.

I guess when we’re going through tough times it’s best to see the positive side of the situation…no matter how difficult that may be.

Since we live in a world where everything is constantly on the go, we forget to take a moment to smell the flowers. By that I mean, we take what we have at the time for granted, which means we don’t give ourselves a chance to cherish the small moments; and before you know it we’re begging to have those moments back.

I think the most important advice that I would give to people, is to make the most out of everything you do. Even if it isn’t going the way you planned it out to be, change it around and make a good memory out of it. The best feeling is when you’re sitting with your friends and family and reminiscing on memories you shared together.

So top 3 lessons out of today’s blog post:

  1. Be thankful…always…even during the tough times
  2. Make the most out each day and each moment spent with your family and friends
  3. ‘Cherish each hour of the day for it can never return’—Og Mandino



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