We live in a society where we take advantage of what we have. Whether it’d be materialistic, or our social surroundings; it’s safe to say that us middle class citizens find it hard to appreciate what we have, because like they say ‘we don’t appreciate what we have until it’s gone’. Have you ever stopped to think to yourself, how life would be like if things were different?

What if phones didn’t exist? We have become so attached to our phones, that we immediately have a panic attack if it’s not within arms reach. Maybe if phones didn’t exist, we would have regular conversations with the person next to us without being interrupted every two minutes by a ‘ding’ or that annoying iPhone ring. Maybe, we’d have a bit more time for each other, to share our stories in a real social setting, not the share button on the right bottom corner of that Facebook post. Just maybe…just maybe society would be a little more…social…

What if we didn’t own a Television? All those hours spent watching back to back ‘Breaking Bad’ or ‘Game of Thrones’, you could have been chasing the ice cream man, but oh look, there it goes, you missed your ice cream. Maybe without the flat screen, we would see daylight for a few hours, and soak up natural lighting, rather than that ugly fluorescent lighting. I’m not that old, but old enough to now see that I played with dirt and glue when I was a kid whereas now three year olds play with iPhone’s. I believe times have changed drastically. All kinds of health conditions are popping up, because kids aren’t getting out in the sun, and falling down then getting back up. Maybe…just maybe we would see more people going for daily walks, less health conditions, and kids falling down in the playground…

What if majority of people actually bothered to help out underdeveloped countries, and war-zone areas? Maybe, instead of ‘liking’ or ‘sharing’ a Facebook post of a starving kid, this world would actually be a better place. Maybe we would no longer have starving children and kids with no education roaming this world. If World Vision didn’t give 98% of it’s charity money to administration and workers, maybe those young kids would actually have a better living, and their country would progress. One day…one day we’ll all be able to live equally.

What if we never thought of ‘What If’s’? (Ironic huh?) Maybe we would become like the ‘Yes Man’. Gosh that would be fun! I guess, we never stopped to realise that we miss out on a lot of opportunities and experiences, because we’re too scared to try new things, or afraid to take risks. Like the saying goes, ‘don’t knock it till you try it’. Maybe…just maybe…we would stop pushing things away and running away from our problems because we’re just not ready to face them…


What if…






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