What Memories Are Made Of

Welcome back to Whispers Of The World!

If you’re keeping updated with my posts, I appreciate you guys so much!

This week, I thought I would do something different. I wanted to start doing something, that actually represented what my site is about; that is YOU! This site is about all of you, your opinions, your thoughts, and those that go unheard in society.

I originally did this for an assignment, but I loved the outcome of it so much, that I immediately thought it would be great for the site!

I asked people what one of their best/happiest memories were, and when I approached them with this question, they were so stunned, they didn’t know how to reply. However, it’s how I replied that made me happy. I felt when they told their memory, they were also thankful; as in they didn’t realise how important some of their memories were, until they said it out loud.

I guess that’s the main message here, sometimes we experience things in life with family, friends, and we don’t really acknowledge it at the time; it’s not until after you remember them, that you think “Wow…they were good times” and “I should’ve been thankful at the time.”

I think, it gets us thinking, that we should appreciate the small things, because there are others out there, who don’t have the opportunities we have and as the saying goes; “You don’t realise what you have, until it’s gone”

I really hope you enjoy this video, it was my first one and I had so much fun making it!

Click on the YouTube link to see it!

Also, comment below suggestions of what other videos I should do, what topics I should cover, etc!

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Enjoy the rest of your week, keep smiling, and I’ll see you all next week with more fun!



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