Sorry I can’t hear you…Speak UP!

A lot of us that have been through school, or are in school now; face the random lectures from people you don’t know, that you need to sit through instead of enjoying your recess. They usually speak about different leadership programs and talk about ways to ‘speak up’ about issues you care about, such as bullying.

You know how majority of students would sleep through those lectures… well I was not one of them. I enjoyed listening to these random people, learning how to ‘stand up for my rights’ and how to be confident in the public. I benefited from them, and it shaped a lot of who I have become today. I was the kid in school, who if I thought a teacher was doing something wrong in class , or wasn’t teaching well, or that the school itself was missing something, I’d write a letter to the admin and shove it in their face, time and time again until I got them listening.

Yes I was “one of those”; but it got the job done, so I couldn’t care less how annoyed admin would get for continuously seeing me in their office.

Now graduated from school, being more aware of my surroundings and the really broad environment I live in, unlike just the school environment; I’ve picked up on a few things or two.

I hear so many people (mainly youth) say, “OMG, I wish we could change (insert problem here)”, or “I really want to do (insert activity here) but maybe someone will judge me”, or “Nah, I can’t speak up about (insert issue here) because who’s going to listen to me?”

I admit, I’ve probably said all those things at one point or another, and I realised, having that kind of mentality got me nowhere! I learnt “someone’s got to do it”, so why can’t that someone be me?

It’s an issue that majority of youth face , and that’s because the media has shaped “voicing out your opinion” to be “asking for trouble.” We see in the newspapers, or on TV, if someone was to express a certain opinion (especially an opinion not agreed on by many), they receive a lot of hate and judgement.

It shouldn’t be that way, anyone no matter how old you are, no matter what issue you passionately care about, should have the freedom to express their opinion and experience the feeling of “making a change.”

I’m here on behalf of the youth community, as a person that has been involved in the broad community and public, to say it’s true when people tell you “it only takes one person to make a change.” If you’ve read an article that you do not agree with, or think it was too derogatory, then email the editor and express your views. Don’t just sit on your couch and compile a list of things you hate about that writer! Or, if you are passionate about a certain issue, such as “Women empowerment”, then join a program , a club or a committee and contribute to society. You will surprise yourself how much YOU can make a difference.

Not only will you feel good when you’re being proactive, but you develop skills that you can’t develop just through academics. Guarantee, It’ll help you in the future no matter what your profession ends up being.




“A man who stands for nothing, will fall for anything”—Malcolm X


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